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The idea of personalised cutting boards came to two sisters, after they were looking for a unique keepsake for a friends Bridal Shower. After coming across a beautifully engraved cutting board from overseas, they were sold on the idea and knew that personalising a cutting board with a personalised message would be the perfect gift. And so Carved was born. And Carved wasn't the only one who loved this idea: from the very first engraved board, they were an instant hit! Everyone loved the practical, elegant, personalised cutting boards for their home, gifts, or corporate events.

Our mission became to simply make gifting easier.

Practical and unique, the range includes personalised chopping boards, cheese platters, wine boxes, coasters, cake toppers, gift boxes and so much more.

The Carved team is driven with passion to go beyond the ordinary. We offer a range of products from bamboo chopping boards, perspex cake toppers - to our new luxury chopping board range.


One of a Kind Momentos for a Once in a Lifetime Event

Mark that special day with a uniquely engraved cutting board, chopping block or wine box. Nothing suits a memorable occasion quite like personalised engraving. Give a one-of-a-kind wedding or anniversary gift to commemorate the heartfelt occasion.

Impressive and Memorable Corporate Gifts & Appreciation

Engraved corporate and promotional gifts will leave a lasting company impression. Our quality engraved cutting boards can be personalised or branded with your company logo, business message, or custom message.

Whether you're looking for client gifts, presents for your business associates, or recognising your treasured employees; our cutting boards will ensure your company is uniquely remembered in a way that truly shows your appreciation. A beautiful piece they will be proud to keep and display in their home. Our keepsake cutting boards will be in your client's hands day after day after day. A heirloom they’ll keep for years to come.

Break Away from the Competition

Want a unique way to make your business or establishment stand out from the pack? Engraved cutting board branding tells your customers how unique you are. Our boards can be used as serving boards, centerpieces, plates, or even menus.

Whether you're a restaurant, bar, brewhouse or catering company; Seeing your branded logo engraved into our wood boards and blocks is always memorable for your customers. A combination of useful and personalised creates long-term investment that provides optimal return on your marketing budget; generating both referrals and customer loyalty.



We offer a range of standard designs to choose from.

In every order, the design that is purchased is the default. This includes format, layout, and font selection. If a major change or custom design is requested there may be an additional charge. Should you require your own unique design, a design fee applies.

Standard Design Option 1
Standard Design Option 2
Standard Design Option 3
Standard Design Option 4
Standard Design Option 5
Standard Design Option 6
Standard Design Option 7
Standard Design Option 8
Standard Design Option 9
Standard Design Option 10
Standard Design Option 11
Standard Design Option 12
Standard Design Option 13
Standard Design Option 14
Standard Design Option 15
Standard Design Option 16
Standard Design Option 17
Standard Design Option 18
Standard Design Option 19
Standard Design Option 20


Most of our policies and general ordering procedures are reflected here. Please note that these are not all inclusive. If there's a question we didn't answer for you here, please contact us.

1.   How do I order?

Once you decide on one of our designs, email us your order and we will send you an invoice for payment. Once payment has been made, we will send you a proof of the design for our approval.

Please note: Once designs have been approved, Carved will proceed with the designs that the client have approved. Please make sure your designs are correct. Carved will not be held responsible for any in corrections.

2.   Can I change the design or add to it?

In every order, the design that is purchased is the default. This includes format, layout, and font selection.

If a major change or custom design is requested there may be an additional charge Should you require your own unique design, a design fee applies.

3.   How long does it take?

Orders are typically one working week from order.

This can change during extremely busy periods (Fathers/Mothers Day to Christmas) or if an item is in short supply.

Delivery can take anywhere from 2 to 3 days (not including Saturdays or Sundays), depending on distance from Johannesburg. We are not able to guarantee delivery dates and times.

4.   Won't cutting on the board ruin the engraving?

All of our boards are designed with the idea that cutting can be done on the blank side, leaving the engraved side always beautiful to display in your kitchen. But flip it over, and it's ready to use immediately!

5.   I have a wedding this weekend, can I get it in time?

We require at least 2 days notice in order to process your urgent order. Please contact us, and we will confirm if we can assist.

6.   How do I best care for the wood?

We encourage you to read over the care instructions given with your cutting board.

7.  I received the item and I spelled the last name wrong (or I got the date wrong), can I get a new one?

-Mistakes happen, we know, but due to costs involved, a new one free of charge isn’t possible, we apologise.

8.   I don’t like how it turned out, can I get a refund or a replacement?

Personalised items are not returnable or refundable. Unless there is an error on our part (spelling, incorrect information) or the item is structurally deficient, we will not be able to refund or replace an order.

9.   I don’t like the wood color or the variation of color in the wood, (or I don’t like the color of the engraving) can this be replaced?

In keeping with our policy, we cannot replace an item unless we have made an error or the board is structurally flawed. board color or engraving color will not be in either of those categories.

Each piece is totally different from the next.

Engravings are burned into the wood, not printed or stained. Each piece may differ in the burning process. Each piece of wood burns differently at different rates of heat.

10.   What are your pricing and payment policies?

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Carved is not obligated to honor any price comparison to a prior order, or to quotes older than two weeks.

Payment must to be received 'in full' before starting any order.


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